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New guild in Cmyk quotScammersquot

Morning darlings,

So recently I made a new guild by the name of [b][i]Scammers[/i][/b]. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to join it.
Currently it's just me and my lonely ole self in the guild. I can't fathom why. I'm a particularly talkative and friendly
individual, not to mention I'm on around 8 or more hours a day (with the exception of on Saturdays when I'm not on).
What I plan for our future is simply a laid back guild, do whatever you want ya' know? Be it merchant, henehoe, boss,
grind, or whatever else people do on Maple Story these days.

[b]Simple Rules[/b]
*[i]No ksing[/i]
*[i]No hacking[/i]
*[i]Be on at least once every two weeks[/i]
*[i]Try to be cooperative with other guildies (and allies if that ever happens)[/i]
*[i]Very generally, don't act too foolish[/i]

If you'd like to join please post below or contact me in-game on divineshin/ScamsALot/HUUUSUSUS.
I'm currently not online, but I'll be in a few hours time.
Thank you for your time darlings.

Truly yours,

P.S. My listing keeps getting rejected. I can't imagine why.

0 January 27, 2013

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[quote=PoetryIsMeh]How come you didn't list 'no scamming' in the simple rules section Tim? XD[/quote]

I haven't decided whether or not its ok yet.

Reply January 27, 2013

You guys are real [b]ass[/b]es for [b]ass[/b]uming that my friend is a scammer.

Besides, it's just a [i]name[/i]; do you know how ironic some guild name are? I've seen guilds with the name "Boss" or "WePro". I have yet to see anyone in those guilds actually boss or be professionals. So basilers, get your panties out of a knot, and try to not take a guild's name for granted.

I vouch for @timdhong because I know him in real life

Reply January 27, 2013 - edited

[quote=Devincy]Scammers seems to be a terrible name.

Makes me think that you guys [b]scam[/b].[/quote]

That assumption hurts a lot.

Reply January 27, 2013 - edited

this seems legit

Reply January 27, 2013 - edited