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What if we were Angelic Bakers instead?

So, how would the community have reacted if we had received an [url=]Angelic[/url] [url=]Baker[/url] class instead of an Angelic Burster/Buster class? Assume that this class wouldn't have a genderlock. Imagine the attacks. Instead of funky looking orbs for soul seeker, we would have bread flying everywhere instead. Oh, how wonderful would that be. My heart longs for this class.

Would there be outrage?
Would it be more amazing?
Would bread sale increase?
What would Escalade be like?


0 January 28, 2013

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[quote=xdawnedx]I liked the anime references. That is all.

There should be a Kirito Class. We need dual wielding 1h swords.[/quote]

You don't have any opinion on bread? D:
[url=]Why don't you have some bread and honey tea while you think about it a bit more?[/url]

Reply January 28, 2013