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Will I have any problems with maplestory?

I recently got a new laptop because I saw smoke coming out of my old laptop.
It's a ASUS A55VD-AH71 15.6-Inch running on Windows 8. As I main a kanna, will I have problems running maple?
If so, how do I reduce these issues? Thank you in advance.

0 March 11, 2013

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You will have problems of quitting the game.

Reply March 11, 2013

I thought they fixed the Windows 8 issue? I dunno, I'm running on Windows 8 and yet to have any problems (so far). I mostly had problems with Windows 7.

Reply March 11, 2013

[quote=funistuff]you might have problems with windows 8 and maplestory?[/quote]

I see, what kind of problems and how can I try to reduce these as much as possible?

Reply March 11, 2013

I don't know any laptop (besides Macs) that does not run Maplestory these days...

but no, you should not have any problems.
you can try out this handy website (don't worry, it's not a bad website....)
I'm also running with Windows 8, I use a Lenovo Y570.
[url=]Can U run it?[/url]

Reply March 11, 2013 - edited

you might have problems with windows 8 and maplestory?

Reply March 11, 2013 - edited