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NOW BEFORE YOU START HATING IN THE COMMENTS LISTEN TO THE IDEAS DOWN BELOW thank you and enjoy (only did caps to get your attention)

Hey There

Idea #1 The meso fee :

Just so you know this is a suggestion/opinion but i would love to have trade (between storage) with a catch.
Must pay a fee depending item lvl or stats , this could also range 2x 3x 4x the cost of starforcing that equip.
and its kinda perfect becuase reboot is heavily riled on mesos. I know people are going to say reboot is about progressing your character one at a time. I do know that , this is just and opinion / suggestion and yes Nexon America cant do add this into the game ( i think) . Then what about untradable equips , two options don't do anything about it or . add the gold and sliver scissors back into the game (idk what there called ) you can make them cost a lot of mesos or charge nx but that ruins the purpose of reboot. or make an event that runs 1-3 times a month were players can trade but that seems a bit to game breaking. either way i hope nexon does something like this.
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Edit Idea #2 Lab server style :

What do I mean by this well simply just make another event where players have to do a certain challenge
before they are able to trade via storage . Per example kill 300-1000 mobs on every level until lvl 100 this challenge
Will take along time to do with a great reward this event can last to a week and run once every 3 to 2 MONTHS.
And people can't take the greatest mobbers in the game like ice lighting mage players will have to pick from a randomizer

Edit Idea #3 The farming way :
Certain Gear can drop from mobs from the game but there super super rare but not as rare as the blackgate EQUIPS
The only catch that I have for this one is gear drops from the class that your playing on like warrior gear from warrior
classes also can drop from ebosses

P.S you can stat your reason if you agree or disagree or have a different opinion/suggestion
ill change this every time i have a idea to balance this out or a good idea in the comments

September 23, 2018

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@divinitydivine: well, its deeemon you know ? Thats just how he is. Some good days but more bad days.

Reply September 25, 2018

nexon should have removed all storage keepers before releasing reboot. It doesn't make sense to restrict only equips, should have restricted everything else since the beginning. Now everyone is crying and female dogging about Kanna and Kishin and how boring it is to farm on this one class. It's too late to fix reboot now.

I actually liked reboot, but the extremely rude, poor players ruined it for me. It can go die in a fire, dood.

Reply September 24, 2018 - edited