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I think I made a mistake It's been 5 days into the college life, I'm not really enjoying any of the aspects of college life, everything is just worse than back at home. Went to a kickback and noped right out of there because I'm just really not feeling the drugs and alcohol which feels too forced. I also don't have a major as I am undeclared and can't lean towards a specific major after reviewing the list over and over. I really don't feel confident in finding my goal here. I might in the end just end up dropping depending on how this quarter goes. (UCSD is where I'm attending)

General Anime

Tokyo Ghoul root A ending pictures [url=].[/url] Can we just take the time to appreciate the different endings for each episode(thank you based ishida). Episode 7 was especially my favorite seeing Hinami's life go by and the different colors passing by. Also, it shows Hinami's RE version so I'm pretty sure by now the ending of root A will be the same as the manga and we'll get a third season of RE for anime when there's enough chapters.

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