In an attempt to clear use slots, I ended up using this little gem.
Poor Muk has some competition in being the cutest giant bunny.

June 20, 2013

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Your friend's such a try hard...

Reply June 16, 2014

...thinking of that arrow's position and the animation it does makes this screenshot all the more hilarious.

Reply February 19, 2014

I noticed his guild name after I ss'd it so I wanted to see whether or not this would be accepted ;____;
And yes, I made the mistake of jumping and he might have seen my...boy shorts.
And no Scoot, it can't. I was about to summon the Black Mage but then Nexon interrupted me with their server patch.

Reply June 20, 2013 - edited

Thanathosl likes what he sees <3, it's why he wants you to love him.

Reply June 20, 2013 - edited

Hope you're wearing shorts under that thing!

Reply June 20, 2013 - edited

Can the Maple world handle a giant Bev?

Reply June 20, 2013 - edited

That giant bunny doll!

Reply June 20, 2013 - edited

Thanathosl has a awesome guild name.
By the way, is he peeking under you?

Reply June 20, 2013 - edited