How to farm maple leaves as a Demonslayer Step 1: Be a demon slayer or have a mule 100+ Step 2: Have a pet with item sack, winged boots, and auto hp Step 3: Go to evo world-Link 3 and stand at the right most edge of the middle platform. Step 4: Hold down soul eater and then alt-tab to another program. Your pet should pick up everything and heal you. You will not likely run out of demon fury because it's replenished every so often. I'm doing this with store-bought cores and i've collected about 2k leaves in 30 minutes with a spider familiar.


There should be some type of sweet water trading hub I see lots of people that get one weapon and want another, and some people that want the one the other guy got, but they got the one the other guy wants. So why cant there be some type of hub where people trade these things for now, because if everyone used forums & listings id be too confusing. Also if someone does that they should include the information about how to get the weapons so lazy people quit asking instead of googling it.

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