Has anyone successfully transposed an anviled item?

Since they're out someone ought to have tried it by now.
Does it keep its anvil or not?

December 25, 2013

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The box on the right seems to show a preview of what the resulting equip is. It doesn't look like you keep the anviling job.

But I wouldn't know, I failed it 8 times. Something tells me the upgrade chance is something like 1% (if Nexon says a chance is very low, that's definitely saying something).

Reply December 26, 2013

He means if you transpose an anviled item (empress gloves that look like hero's gloves for example) into sweet water does it retain it's anviled form? (hero's gloves)

I want to know also.

Reply December 26, 2013

As in turn from Empress/Fafnir to Sweetwotah?

Reply December 25, 2013

what do you mean?

Reply December 25, 2013