How many times have you been banned? Post if you havent

So like the title says. Also post the main reasons why you usually get banned. Don't forget to distinguish between regular bans and perma bans. Maybe we could have mods confirm some of these?

I will start. In my 9ish years on basilmarket I am fairly certain I have been banned around 40-50 times. Usually for "attacking" someone. Aka insulting someone.

April 2, 2015

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@luckysausage: If you get like 10 suspensions at a time or if you take it too far

Reply April 3, 2015

@0kevqn how do you get perma banned?
I've been suspended for 30ish times. Joined basil market 2013

Reply April 2, 2015

I've been suspended a few dozen times. Although I stopped using basil for a while so I forgot an actual estimate.

Reply April 2, 2015

@0kevqn : Haha, nope.
I use to post all the time when the forums were more active.

Reply April 2, 2015

[quote=iCygnic]I don't think I've ever been suspended/banned.[/quote]

Is this your first time posting in the forums?

OT: Been perma-banned about 6-8 times, didn't keep count, and suspended too many times.. Probably closer to 100 than to 50 timse

Reply April 2, 2015

I don't think I've ever been suspended/banned.

Reply April 2, 2015

@uonatrik lol ive never been permabanned. I am kinda glad would be pretty annoyed.

Reply April 2, 2015

I've had 10-11 accounts permabanned, and maybe around 10 regular bans? Over 4 years.
I was a pretty big troll and had a few alt-accounts I guess. Also for attacking people.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I remember one of those permabans were false. I had only one account at the time but I was banned for alt-accounts, probably because it seemed like I was funposting with multiple. I haven't gotten a regular ban in so long so I don't really remember most of my regular bans.

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