Damage on a night lord?

So i plan on coming back to ms. Anyways i will be funding my night lord. I will have 5 bill and around 100k nx. I have no % equips and a purple dragon sleeve with 68 atk and a 6 atk potential 2 lines. A 10 atk wg. A regular scar helm. So i know that the fundings i have aren't enough to make me have great damage but whatever.

Anyway i was wondering if i should get another claw with more atk is it really worth the insane amount of mesos i would have to spend for like 4 more atk on a claw? Whatever claw i get i will be cubing for % damage and % crit those 2 things are what i want on my weapon. I will also be scrolling/cubing a reverse glove for sharp eyes. I will not aim for % luk on it and sharp eyes because that would be way to costly. As for equips like top/bottom/shoes/helm/earrings how much do you think it would cost to get atleast 9% luk in each of those items? Should i spend 1 bill on a chaos htp +40 all stats?

April 27, 2011

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I don't wanna cube since it could cost me like 5x more than i have which is a super mega ultra waste imo. The cubes are only for the weapon and my glove as i stated. I just wanna buy pre cubed items. Since cubing is a gamble.

Reply April 27, 2011

pretty much what the first guy said. try and get as much %luk as possible

Reply April 27, 2011

Basically what @manou225 said.

Get three-lined items and cube them till you get about 6% Luk (Epic Potential) on each of them. Then, start working on one Item till you either get two/three lines of %Luk. Then move onto the next item and repeat.

Reply April 27, 2011

Get cubes with the 100k NX

Buy a 3 lined Czhelm
Like a 20 luk 3 lined top
About 20 dex 3 lined bottom
3 lined HTP
Like 3 lined VSS
3 lined Cape

Yeah i would buy those and cube it but.....

Reply April 27, 2011