Glove scroll 60 atk. Help

So what monsters drop these the most? I know there is a list but some monsters drop it a lot more commonly than others. Do I have to be within a certain level range to get the drops? I remember a long time ago an update saying that if you are 20 levels higher the drop range is greatly decreased?

October 9, 2012

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okayyy thank you! So the drop rate it decreases with higher levels right?

Reply October 9, 2012

it your 5 levels above i think drop rate decreases

Reply October 9, 2012

Like I said I know about the list... but like I said we all know some monsters tend to drop items more frequently than others... I am wondering which of these monsters drops the scroll the most often! aka a common place for farming these scrolls... also can I get an answer for my second question about the level/decrease in drop rate?

... its like no one read my thread...

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