Cubing questions!

How much better are black cubes than red cubes? I have never seen any %s or math. Anyone have any of that info?

My next question is I can get 30 black cubes, or 57 cubes. Which is the better option for getting my gear to unique-legendary

December 28, 2015

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Okay guys thanks for the answers appreciate it!

Reply December 28, 2015

Personally, I've generally had better luck with black cubes than red cubes. But in the end everything is still luck.

Reply December 28, 2015

I used three black cubes and one red cube during miracle time and my glove didn't tier up to legendary. I used one red cube and bang it tiered. It's all luck there's no higher chance unless you get swayed into believing it is.

Reply December 28, 2015

well considering mtime was a day ago this post is a bit late.
if i were u i wouldnt cube until a mtime. which if i were to guess last week i would have said march, however we got one again yesterday so either nexon goes mad and makes another one this week or doesnt make one till april/may or idk its very unpredictable.

anyway, blacks are way better. i was lied by nexon and used hundreds of reds without a single tier up to legend. the next mtime i used blacks and voila, my weapon was legend in a couple packs. since then ive cubed only with blacks and have like 20+ legend tier ups. so definitely blacks.

Reply December 28, 2015

threads from last week were discussing this topic in regards to the free cubes given out for some reward thing.
apparently 1 black cube is better than 2 red cubes, so i guess they're >twice as good.

Reply December 28, 2015

depends on your luck. id say for miracle time i used around 25 red cubes to get my epic secondary to legendary
choice is up to you but id go with blacks

Reply December 28, 2015

Nexon never released the actual % because of a loop hole.
it's your decision in the end if you prefer quality or quantity.

Reply December 28, 2015