New Tempest items from Boxes

The new tempest items from boxes, it said that they would expire in a few days, however the items look exactly the same as the other tempest items. Let's just say by some chance someone bought one of these "fake" tempest items for it's full price and it disappears in like 20 days, would this be Nexon's fault for not putting an expiry date on the items?

April 4, 2013

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I tried fusing them, and it worked, so yeah, they can't expire. It's just the boxes that do.

Reply April 4, 2013

[quote=nhan1st]Simple, try fusing them. If they can be fused, they don;t expire. Item that expires can't be fused.[/quote]

test it out and hit us up

Reply April 4, 2013

Tempest Rings = Worthless now
Officially broke now I have 15 rings which are worthless now

Reply April 4, 2013

Simple, try fusing them. If they can be fused, they don;t expire. Item that expires can't be fused.

Reply April 4, 2013

People been saying the branch noses expire but then again, I just heard about it, I don't know if it's legit.

Reply April 4, 2013

When you open the box it says that it expires on the 23rd, therefore the item should expire, not the box itself. I dont like that they dont have an expiring date tho -.-

Reply April 4, 2013

I think they must last forever because there is no expiry date on them.
Also if they did expire it wouldn't be fair to other maplers since the permanent ones should really be more expensive. :s
I dont know, I just dont think it would make sense for them to expire.

Reply April 4, 2013

Yeah it probably meant the Surprise Box

Reply April 4, 2013

yup they last forever tempest equips are going to drop down to 1mil each soon

Reply April 4, 2013