Advanced final attack

I was just wondering, does advanced final attack proc on multiple monsters or only one?

For example, I am training at Stronghold, and it appears to me that only one monster is getting hit by the advanced final attack.

If it can only hit one monster/mob at a time, doesn't that mean it sucks? I can't even hit all three Zakum arms at once with the skill then </3

April 1, 2013

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all afa only hits one monster

Reply April 1, 2013

AFA will hit multiple mobs only if you use slash blast. (it is easy to see the double hit animation on each monster, but they all have to be bunch up pretty close)

[quote=failway] it can activate on Power Reflection which is annoying tbh esp fighting bosses with DR.[/quote]
I have never seen FA/AFA activate ever on power reflection.

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we have better mobbing than drk's and their mobbing is their 1v1. heros are capable mobbers and fantastic bossers.

we specialize in 1v1, but even with out AFA and enrage we still have diesel mob damage, but if you want mob weighted more than 1v1, i would suggest palladin.

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Doesn't that mean hero is even more specialized on single target DPS than it already is? I knew hero was a "bossing" class, but did not think it was THAT dependent on single target damage. Well, thanks for the responses, it clarified things up a lot thanks.

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Yeah, when you think about it trying to maximize DPS with a hero youre gonna be using enrage anyways... so only attacking one thing at a time... so it really doesnt matter.

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I'm pretty sure it hits one at a time. AFA is meant mainly for classes that focus on one target, thus increasing its DPS or DPM.

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AFA only hits 1 monster, that is true but considering that it gives you 30 w.atk passively and hits twice at 250% dmg when maxed so I think its pretty decent. But then again, if a boss puts on DR and ur AFA happens to activiate, you're pretty much screwed unless you can tank the DR dmg.

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Yaknow I never paid that much attention... Good question, I would like to know also.

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