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Hey guy, I am new to shadower and was just wondering how meso explosion works. First of all it doesn't seem to hit crit, but I saw a couple threads stating that it does. Can someone please confirm this? In the meso explosion description it said that it hit 15 times per cast, but when I used it on zakum, it seems to only hit about 8 lines. Lastly, does shadow partner work with meso explosion? If so, does that mean shadowers can hit 30 times with each cast? XD Thanks in advance.

April 25, 2013

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@Thiefy996: I guess it would be useful at LHC or SH, I personally don't use it much only during bossing. Some people don't like the coins that pile up cause it causes lag for them. But it is a very good mobbing skill and deals a lot of damage, so at places like LHC and SH with high hp monsters, it would be beneficial. Just don't leave piles of mesos everywhere, use meso explosion more often to clean it up a bit. That helps cause meso explosion blows up the "oldest" coin in the range, so if you have a pile of mesos that's not even close the monster you're attacking, it might blow up those mesos instead of the ones where the monster i standing in. So you're wasting time that way. Aside from LHC and SH, I don't think it's necessary to have pickpocket on at all times (they changed it to a toggle skill, so you can turn it on/off).

I only use Bstep + Phase dash for rushing monsters into a corner or into a meso pile to blow up. I wouldn't use Phase dash for mobbing, only rushing cause of the delay. I'd either use Bstep + Midnight carnival or Bstep + steal. You could jump then use phase dash to cancel the rush, but I found that kinda tedious, so I just stick with the combos I said earlier.

Some important points to know about Meso explosion
-it blows up the oldest coin/bag in the vicinity
-it pushes the monsters to the left
-it can blow up coins behind you (another change from big bang)

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[quote=Thiefy996]While we're on the topic of Meso Explosion: Does the amount of mesos per batch still relates to the damage dealt (so if I'd drop a 50k mesobag it'd deal more damage than a 5k bag) or is it the same for all mesos now? Cause I kinda hate using ME since to me, the damage from those copper coins that drop from Pickpocket seem to deal not as much damage as my other skills. Why should I use it then?[/quote]

Nope, that was changed with Big Bang. The amount of mesos does not determine the damage dealt. Only the number of mesos on the ground determines how many times it hits, it now depends on your range (186% damage each meso, it would be 246% each with meso mastery). Essentially there is no difference in damage between a 1 meso coin and a 10k bag.

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Thanks you for the elucidation.

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Oh, it hits crits alright, you just don't see the red numbers. With the new hyper skills you can test it out yourself if you're over 150 and have Flip the Coin.
1.Get 5 stacks for the increased crit rate
2. Use pickpocket and generate some coins near some monsters
3. Use FTC to make sure you "used up" your last crit, this is important cause once this is done you can't use FTC again until you hit another critical
4. Blow up the mesos
5. Try using FTC again, it should be able to activate, therefore ME does hit crits
Another way to know is by comparing your regular ME damage and your ME damage inside smokescreen. Since smokescreen now adds crit damage, it should raise the damage on all criticals.

The number of hits depends on how many mesos are on the ground. It can only blow up a max of 15 coins, therefore only 15 hits (one hit per coin). Either you only had 8 coins on the ground during your zak or you couldn't see the top numbers cause the map was too small.

No, Shadow partner does not work with meso explosion. First, if it did work, you would be seeing 30 hits (actually you wouldn't be able to know anyways cause the maps are too small anyways), or 2 hits per meso. Drop one meso and activate SP and blow it up and see what you get.
Second, there's a 15 hit cap, you can notice this while using Midnight Carnival. MC hits 8 times, with SP it's supposed to hit 16. If you count the number of hits, you should only get 15. There's a hyper skill for ME that adds one more hit, so it should be 16, therefore ME should be the only skill that can pass that cap, it has not been officially confirmed in game though.

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SP doesn't work with ME.edit: i'm not sure if SP works with ME
you probably need more mesos to explode, which is why you only hit 8 times
i'm not sure about the crit thing. I read that it crits, but doesn't show the pink numbers

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hit cap is 15/16 times,Yes it crits if you read the other thread multiple people confirmed it.Sp works with all skills

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