Raven Horn Shoulders

So, I've been looking around in the Fm in Bera for about 2 weeks now. The Empress Shoulders are usually from 450m-1b range. However, thief shoulder does not exsist in the FM whatsoever. On the odd time when I do find one, they are either 1.5b or higher. My question is, why are Raven Horn shoulders so rare and expensive compared to the other classes. Is this only because of Dual blades or does it have anything to do with the up coming xenon? Str was the most expensive in the Fm for months, however Luk and thief stuff randomly rose up in price. Does the shoulder have same drop rate across all classes? Also, for the anniversary event does the boxes give empress weapons and shoulders?

Thanks in advance.

April 28, 2013

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Reply April 29, 2013

You have to kill Shadow Empress for shoulders and out of all the times I've gone, I've only gotten one thief.

Reply April 29, 2013

boxes give weapons, but unsure about shoulders

Reply April 29, 2013

same in broa, but i think its cause so few drop here. every run ive been on hasnt dropped one and ive heard the same from other runners. also the high demand doesnt help either...

Reply April 29, 2013

Well here in Khaini there seems to be a bigger supply of Raven Shoulders. I have no clue why because we probably have less people who could kill Empress. Anyway here I see them for 700-900m each.

Reply April 28, 2013