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Cannot Use Maplepoints Since I haven't spent nx since Jan 1, I have the 90% discount on everything. I have no prepaid or credit but I do have 1.5k maplepoints. I know that I cannot use maplepoints on the 90% discounts, however, since everything is discounted, it won't let me buy things even at regular price. Can I not use my maplepoints then until after the 90% discount event ends? I really wanted to buy the discounted gach tickets right now and since its a daily deal and not the 90% event I thought I would be able to buy it but I still can't buy that either.

0 January 26, 2013

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About that... I went to do the surveys, which I have in the past, and it says that because of malicious activity on my account I cannot do surveys. I logged a ticket a couple weeks ago and it was automatically closed.
Reply January 26, 2013
The event says that you can't use maple points for the discount.
Reply January 26, 2013
You gotta live with it.
Reply January 26, 2013
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