First Sun and Moon Trailer

Rowlet boys

May 10, 2016

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@bustermode1: Or a Noivern with Lunatones as arms.

EDIT: @Baroo wau we have same idea haha I should have checked comments before posting ><

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@bustermode1: Replace Cresselia with Noivern. XD

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Im hoping we get another evolution of Porygon, or a mega evolution.

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The Evolutions bruh

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UKKKKK you Popplio haters. Me and my smug sea lion gon POP POP yo asses.

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the otter could use Ice Beam on the owl. i looked at several fakemon starters so these don't amaze me. i like owls

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Still getting water type pokemon even since 3rd generation

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the moon legendary looks like a mashup of lunatone and cresselia with darker colors

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@curesword: Agree. I feel like Popplio is lacking arms... and legs to an extant. Hopefully the evos are more promising.

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I think the starters are cute minus Poppilo. I am glad the legendaries doesn't seem to be Dragon type.

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I hope we get a lot of new Pokemon this gen! Only 78 not counting Megas from gen 6 really disappointed me. I want more actual evolutions, not just Megas
I like all the starters. Rowlet's the cutest, Litten reminds me of a Cardcaptor Sakura character, and Popplio reminds me of that seal (or sea lion, I don't remember) from an old Tom and Jerry episode.
The Sun legend looks cool, like a stronger Pyroar. Not sure what to think of the Moon legend. I think its head looks pretty silly but the rest of the design is cool. Looking forward to a sunny tropical region, especially since it's coming out in November. It'll be a nice escape from the gloom that is New England fall/winter.

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First thing I did when I started up the ol' desktop today was to see what Nintendo's Gen 7 May 10th big reveal was going to be, and was not disappointed. Well, I was kinda disappointed that they didn't confirm the Box Legendary duo's names, but I'm sure the names that have been floating around the internet for the past few weeks are indeed correct (I'll be damned if that lion's name isn't indeed Solgaleo or something close).

I don't currently have a favourite with the Box Legendaries, so I'll happily play what ever version my brother doesn't want. I guess I prefer the sun lion over the moon avian, but not by much.
The lion looks like it's wearing a space suit (an astronaut lion?), and the avian's lack of legs bothers me for some reason... >_>

As for the Starters, I'm definitely a fan of Litten, although Rowlet is indeed adorable. In the end, I probably prefer Litten over Rowlet because I've always wanted a lanky "scaredy-cat" looking black cat and even created one myself at one point when dreaming up my own ideas (although mine was either pure Dark or Dark/Normal). My only complaint about Litten is that it isn't Fire/Dark, which would seem suitable judging by its appearance. In the end, I'll bet it'll gain the Dark typing during either its second or final stage.

While Litten being a dual-type Starter wasn't meant to be, Rowlet claimed it instead, making the series only two dual-type starters both Grass types (never understood why Mudkip wasn't).
I'm sure my brother will claim it as his fave since he's always wanted a Grass-type owl after stumbling upon a fake Pokemon idea somewhere on the internet a few years ago. Rowlet looks a lot better than the fake he discovered all those years ago, though.
Speaking of Rowlet and appearances, it seems that the little barn owl's gotten itself a lot of haters so far on the internet, as far as I've seen, which is surprising since we have Popplio... seriously, how can you hate Rowlet--or even Litten, for that matter--when we have Popplio?

My least liked out of the three, Popplio. Considering that we already have a Water Starter sea lion thanks to Gen 5, and seeing how hideous he turned out, I'm not sure why Game Freak thought we needed another. Perhaps in a truly ridiculous and unlikely turn of events, the sea lion will evolve into a sea otter, a reversal of the inappropriateness that was Oshawott's fate. Oh, well... at the very least I hope Popplio's looks improve in its later evolutions and it doesn't turn out looking as ugly as Samurott.
In the anime, I have a feeling that it'll become the goofy but prideful attention seeker that both Piplup and Oshawott turned out to be. -_-

With the new region for Gen 7 being called "Alola," they've made it pretty obvious what real world location was tapped for inspiration this time around.
From what I've seen of it so far, it looks like it's going to be a lot like the recent Ruby & Sapphire remake, with all of the palm trees, warm tropical beaches, and Surf-requiring open stretches of sea water to traverse. Expect to run into a lot of Tentacool, Wingull, and Wailmer or/and any similar new Pokemon yet to be revealed (I'm hoping for a dolphin).
Maybe we'll get the trumpets, too. *chuckles*
Also, with Gen 7 being based upon the Hawaiian islands, it makes that mysterious tiki-idol looking statuette of a Legendary from a far-off region we got back in X & Y from that traveling Hiker all the more appropriate (I bet most players forgot all about that thing).

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so excited, that fire cat is perfection <3 also a beautiful island?? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
the owl though is also wonderful i cant handle this waahaaaaa ;;
sun, fire cat, OWL, cute island, the summer theme ooooo i feel like this will be my favorite pokemon

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yes rowlet yes

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@boyahoy: Almost 100% sure that it's just the beginning island. I mean it's Hawaii! Of course we'll see other islands!

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