Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch looks pretty fucking strange to be honest. Not sure what they're thinkning. Are they trying to combine 3DS and Wii U?

October 20, 2016

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my main concerns are 1. how well it displays the games, and 2. how long the battery life is

Reply October 27, 2016

@magicalimage: I'd like to know what you think the gimmick is.

There's some things in the trailer that look like a one timer for me but in the end the console itself is there and is going to be played.

Reply October 26, 2016

Looks pretty stupid. Feels like a gimmick and everyone's falling for it, AGAIN!

Reply October 25, 2016

They call it the Nintendo Switch 'cause the moment you turn it on, you regret everything and switch it off.

Reply October 25, 2016

@thiefy996: From the explanation that I gave earlier, the concern is that it'd be too expensive as it'd also have the functionality of a typical home gaming console. They haven't announced the price yet, so really that comment I made is just speculation. It could just be like the price of the 3DS - in which case that would be fairly impressive. But otherwise, look at how the PS3 was like on launch - too expensive, so nobody bought it.

The fact that Nintendo aren't clear as to whether this is a successor to the 3DS and that it is a 'hybridized' console of sorts rather than a pure handheld console also doesn't necessarily help in its categorization.

Granted, if it was too expensive, they could recover from this as time goes on and the price drops. But the launch in that scenario wouldn't look so pretty.

Reply October 24, 2016 - edited

I think it's a great console.

My only gripe is the name of the console, should've stayed NX, the fact that this assumingly expensive console is meant to go outside sometimes, I'll definitely lose parts of it, and I know I wont be able to get it release day. I'm PISSED.

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I do like the screen size but I am not sure if the device is comfortable to use though. And how durable is it? Watch people break the Switch remotes or lose them somewhere lol.

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Besides everything that has already been said (and I'm not exactly hating on it by any means), by showcasing Skyrim on a Nintendo console in 2016/17, Nintendo has finally caught up to the capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360. (PS4 and Xbox One remain undetermined.)

I think the major concern is that for a handheld console, it seems like it would be a really expensive successor to the 3DS, especially due to its hybridized nature of also being a home gaming console, so Nintendo risks losing the handheld market. For a home gaming console, it almost doesn't seem like that big of an advancement from the Wii U besides maybe graphically speaking - but even then it remains to be seen whether they will still remain behind in that department.

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This is what it is basically, but the Wii U should've been like this at first. The console's design looks ridiculously ugly and not to mention that when the controllers are detached from it they're literally wiimotes sideways but rather small. Other than that I'm excited for the that Mario game shown @ 2:09 and @ 1:42 for the Mario Kart 8 (DLC?).

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