Gollux Crashing and Disconnection Issues

I'd like to confirm whether or not anyone else is experiencing issues at Gollux.

On my Hero, I have two mobility options. Rush and FJ. FJ works fine and causes no issues.
Rush, on the other hand, when used two or more times consecutively disconnects me instantly.
After 3 real attempted runs I realized the issue, and I did 2 other runs to ensure 'Rush' was the issue.

Besides that, on my 3rd real attempt, I did not d/c before getting to the head. While at the head, after defeating the jaw, the upper platforms never appeared. Attempting to teleport upwards met failure as the platforms didn't even load/exist. I got frustrated, used rush twice to move/get out of the map and d/c'd yet again. After this I furiously did my two test runs, getting d/c'd each time like a tool to test Nexon's mistakes.

Anyone else facing problems like this?

December 4, 2015

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The game is rekted from reboot world... scania is laggin it up and crashing maple many d/c wow and other worlds are not even full like reboot is

Reply December 4, 2015

Gollux D/C's me everytime so far I've fought it. Also, the game has a few minor glitches that need to be solved. I'm glad Commerci is dropping stuff again because yesterday nothing was working.

Reply December 4, 2015

I had a weird problem at Hellux where the middle platform just disappeared. Leaving the map and coming back doesn't fix it and using the portal just teleports me to mid-air and I fall back down. Weird glitch...

Reply December 4, 2015
(copy and paste the link)
Everyone should post here to ensure that this get fix.

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I died from gollux like 2 times today

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Its ok, gollux drops are still glitched, so it's not like you missed anything.

I logged for the night, but I'll try on my hero tomorrow

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