WTF 4 - PQs

It's Friday again, so that means I'm doing another one of these! Wishful Thinking Friday time!

This time the topic is Party Quests. They're practically dead, like all you can really get from them is a moderate amount of exp - slower than grinding - and since they require other people to do them with they're not as reliable. Also the rewards are totally obsolete. How would you change PQs to make them more interesting?

Personally I'd remove the restriction where you can only get 1 level at a time per batch of exp, so PQs can potentially level you multiple times. That's the only way they'd be able to compete with grinding exp-wise.

How bout you?

October 20, 2017

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I love how the duplicate post of last week's topic has more comments than this week's topic.

Reply October 29, 2017

Bring back LMPQ or riot

Reply October 29, 2017

i usually do PQ for leveling... thats back in 2013... sound about right for this years... indeed dead...

Reply October 28, 2017