5 best 5th jobs

My friend and I were talking and she asked what I think the 5 best 5th jobs are. I think she means 5th job as a whole and what 5th job did for the class, rather than just the individual skills, so for me I'd say the best ones are probably:

1. Cannoneer - due to the huge damaging potential and ridiculous amount of lines.

2. Paladin - the hammers are really cool and works consistently, and I love how the first 5th job skill lets you give Sacrosanctity to party members. Also, as a warrior, you're greatly benefitted by Rope Lift.

3. Hero - The sword's great for DPS and Worldreaver gives you iframes while you use it, which can be a lifesaver at hmag and cvel and such. Also Weapon Aura helps with mobs when you have Enrage on. Also the same rope lift thing as Pallies.

4. Kanna - halving the mana cost plus giving you a powerful summon is really nice, and the cooldown's not too long either. Also since they don't use mp there's no penalty for the generic mage 5th job skill.

5. Hayato - admittedly I don't personally know much about the Hayato 5th job but I've heard it was really good. I kind of only had 4 things I had any personal experience with for this list but needed to come up with one more.

So yeah what do you guys think? What would you say the classes that benefit most from their 5th jobs are?

August 26, 2017

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I dunno if you've ever seen a Bowmaster mobbing at small maps with kanna/frenzy and Arrow Rain but it's amazing.

Reply August 27, 2017

@vietua: I guess you'd know more about it then. I totally forgot about Sengoku Force.

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@ecarina: I main one so I guess mana management comes with the territory. I was much more excited about the Sengoku Force, Assemble. It's a godsend for pretty much any scenario. It's made training so much more efficient, and my boss run times have been cut in half because of it.

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Beast Tamer obv.

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@beefly: Yeah it's about how 5th job improved the class, so naturally classes with lower mobility now having access to rope lift is a big improvement. So like while Wild Hunters got new skills, none of them really did too much to change how the class operates. They're all just like a new summon or another aoe attack, they don't feel like new tools in your arsenal as much as the Hero and Marksman invincibility or Pally skill-sharing thing do.

@vietua: Oh yeah forgot about the invincibility with Marksman.

I don't know if I'd say mana management is easy. My Kanna's mostly a mule, so I don't have a lot of funding or experience with her, but when doing VJ quests I ended up running out of mana a lot, using the skill to recover like 30, and dying because it took hp. The first 5th job skill made that a total non-issue whenever I used it. I guess Kanna mains probably get the hang of it but it never stopped being a pain for me.

As much as I like the merc 5th job skills, the shadow partner-esque one always lags me too badly to be effective. The unicorn is great though, as much as I don't like the short duration with the long cooldown.

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1. Pally - Aspect of just sharing same attacks + consistently attacking hammers makes you a must-have for parties.

2. Bucc - Awesome throwback with transform (only better) and constant circle of attacks makes it faster to mob/boss versus lasers.

3. Demon Slayer - There's a reason why they nerfed them post 5th job.

4. Marksman - Increased mobbing on top of invincibility for the duration you're in the "sniper" mode. Easily one of the best skills for CVell.

5. Merc - Shadow Partner and Unicorns.
I would disagree with Kanna. Mana management is pretty easy even outside
The Override 5th is extremely laggy, making the size hard to increase. Albeit, it's pretty good when bossing with a party in smaller maps. Mana Overload is pretty okay, especially when you have auto pot, but Unstable Memory is a joke.

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Since you're counting how Common/Branch 5th job skills affect each class such as Pally and Hero, then it's definitely not any mage class, their skills are abysmal, especially the Explorer mages.

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