Rip Horntail

So Nexon broke HT too. My friend and ally member went once and it told them they were at their daily limit, so I tried alone. I clicked to enter, nothing happened, and now it's telling me I hit my limit.

April 23, 2016

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Both Normal and Chaos Horntail works for me but I disconnect in Gollux if I'm there for basically more than 3 minutes so I can only really do Hard Gollux.

Reply April 24, 2016

I think I found a possible way around it. Just a guess. The glitch might occur when some1 else is inside.
I tried it on a different channel, then cced when I finished, went into CHT both times.
Again just a theory

Reply April 23, 2016

[url=] Broken [/url]

Reply April 23, 2016

Yea, I got that message too, when I wanted to carry someone to nHT.

Reply April 23, 2016