Favorite bosses

I thought I'd make a post to help move the locked posts off of the front page, since we can't contribute to them anymore.

So! Do you guys have a favorite boss in the game? Design-wise, rewards-wise, etc.

I personally think Gollux is pretty well-done. The rewards are good, the mechanic of killing his limbs to weaken him is interesting, even if it doesn't really make sense that it would lower the rewards, and it makes me feel useful because my monkeys and Monkey Fury are useful for killing the mobs.

May 4, 2016

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Ravena back when you has to collect the golden items to get in.

Reply May 5, 2016

chaos vellum is pretty fun

Reply May 5, 2016

To fight? Uh, Empress, CRA Clown, CVB and PRE- BB Papulatus.

Reply May 5, 2016

Out of Nostalgia it's Zakum/Scar/Targa and the CWKPQ Bosses. They were the go to bosses for me and my friends back in the day.

I don't have a favorite boss anymore since there's only 2 options in difficulty for me.. So easy they die in seconds or so difficult I die in seconds

Reply May 5, 2016

Ursus without a doubt.

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Zakum, Ranmaru, and Magnus.

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@deadangel13: Yea I like Elite Bosses too! I put Vicious Hunter (Dex) on my Fafnir Bow <3

I like the design for Elite Bosses.
I like the mechanics for Root Abyss Bosses.

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The god known as Mano.

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I don't really boss, so I have little to no familiarity with most of this game's bosses to have a real favourite.
I guess the closest I'd have is Alishar. He was the first boss I faced with my guild leader and others when my Bowman participated in his first and only party quest, and Keeth spent so much time hunting his weaker clones in Ludibrium's lower floors during some of the earliest anniversary events.

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I really enjoy fighting cra and empress and lotus. There music and designs are so nice

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I like Zakum so much, I always liked his "Maya-themed" design! His skills are super good-looking. After the revamp, he don't use the skills anymore, and he dont' have 3 Hp bars anymore too, and I disliked it, but his new skills are good too

He used to be a freaking hard boss back in pre-bb days, oh man, that feels...

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I remember fighting Palpy (Papulatus) so much hoping to one day have his familiar drop... Never did plus after the star force change I haven't really bothered going back there since. Still fighting him so much embedded the guy into my mind forever.

Perhaps one day when I really have nothing to do I'll go back there, and continue attempting to obtain his familiar, and by the year of... I can't really think of a funny number, so just imagine a weird and offshoot number.

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I thought it made sense that destroying Gollux's limbs would cause collateral damage to his items and diminish their quality as a result.

Anyway I love fighting Magnus. I'm not going to say he's a well-designed boss, but I have a lot of fun fighting him. I feel like a badass when I can dodge his attacks and kill him without dying.

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Chaos Pink Bean because he trolls a lot. Lol

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All 5 elite bosses look so badass
If I had to choose one than it'll be the archer one, Vicious Hunter, ofc

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Chaos Pierre. His splitting is very cool and is reminiscent of the days we Maplers used to do Scarlion and Targa. On Reboot, many players (Including myself) can't solo the boss on our own, so teamwork and communication on our 2v2s is key and makes the boss really fun. ^^

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