Cadena, Illium, and Ark

Hey Mr. Basil, when are you planning to add new classes as options on the site? My Cadena and Illium are still listed as Beginner classes and this is definitely going to happen to Ark too.

June 23, 2018

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@deeemon: It's because years ago it was to prevent necroposting, he never changed it or anything for that matter so that function still exists today even though such a rule is heavily outdated.

He probably keeps it up because it's the most well known website he has among gamers, it might even come in handy when MS2 does its official release, people will get nostalgic check the site and see the MS2/BZL links that took almost 1/4 of this site's frontpage, go there, and then basilmarket will have his permission to die.

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Why do threads get locked up after 2 weeks tho? Ain't no spammers and advertisers on this site, dood. I'm starting to think that Mr. B has made a decision, like if there wasn't any activity for 2 weeks, he'd probably shut down the entire site.

But hey, that's just a theory. A BasilMarket theory. Thanks for lurking.

(It's still nexon's fault.)

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probably never. know how mr b posted those 2 threads saying this site is still operating well and stuff? and that we were gonna get some upgrades and fixes on the site. yeah nah

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