Maplestory 2 is officially shutting down May 27 2020 This is not sad news to me. I am actually laughing my ass off! NEXON when you care about Marvel Machine and P2W so much, you lose players. there are WAY better MMO's out there nowadays to spend money on and Maplestory just sucks! What started off as a NON P2W game turned into a P2W game anyway because they're greedy. They didn't bring most of the content from the Korea server, they had all the players waiting for months. Right now they currently enabled ALL hot time events which will run throughout the month. Maplestory Global is no different. I've watched the Reboot server go from NON P2W to P2W over the years, They even refused to bring back the "Tiger Days" on MS1, this is why SO many


NEXON Just make a pre-bb maplestory Hi if you don't know me i've been a Maplestory player since 2002. and even though I stuck with this game for many years I must say.. Maplestory has become a pathetic experience nowadays. - There is way too much new classes to choose from - Too much content - Game takes way too long to load even on fast PC's - P2W and shop sales every week - And the gameplay is completely unbalanced now. So you must be thinking.. shut up! we want more content! we want more new jobs and more cash shop hairstyles and blah blah, well.. not everyone wants all that! The best days Maplestory ever had was during the "Tiger Era" pre-bb, and this is why mostly every unnoficial server out there is trying to remake that style of game


[REBOOT] is this kinesis guy a hacker? Not naming any names, but at Warrior Grounds he asked me twice to party with him.. he seemed to be pulling ALL monsters on the map towards him, even made my game crashed on 3 occasions.. also noticed he wasnt taking any damage to his HP at all while he was standing directly in the middle attacking everything around him I'm not really familiar with how this new job works so can someone tell me if hes hacking? or is there a skill that allows you to pull the whole map towards you?

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Oculus Vr sold to Facebook Today Oculus Rift VR technology was "sold" for 2 billion to a social networking website known as Facebook. I am pretty mad about it for a few reasons: 1. Oculus Rift started out as a kickstarter funded project, it had plenty of backers because they made well over $2mill ~ $20mill in funding, not only that they also had every popular CEO from various companies and video games supporting / sponsoring, etc. they stole the money from the backers, and in return left the Oculus Rift "unfinished", selling the company and not meeting the kickstarter requirements (I predict BIG lawsuit) 2. Im a PC enthusiast.. so i HATE consoles. (bought a PS3 the day GTA V came out.. played it once November 2013? and i

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Re is this some kind of virus website? Some dude in a previous topic ran a virus program disguised as an adobe update original topic if that has ever happened to you, things u should be aware of.. 1. norton, kaspersky, mcafee, fprot, avg, none of these will remove malware as they are virus scanners not malware scanners, viruses were a thing of the past in the late 80's and 90's, nowadays you get hit by redirection hijacks, TDSS, and all sorts of other malware junk, renders every commercial & free antivirus software useless. 2. doing a system restore or formatting the hard drive and restoring everything from scratch is not the best option either, since some malware (especially TDSS) affect the MBR (master boot record) and even the UEFI B

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Aggressive Ads Traffic lately theres been alot of ads traffic on basilmarket.. i know thats probably what keeps this website alive but its getting to a point where everytime i check a new topic, it loads that part of the page as well as 10~20 diff ads networks in the background no i dont have viruses, no i dont have any malware or conduit crap.. this only been happening when i visit basilmarket.. sometimes it even freezes my browser for about a minute or two and im on a fast computer.. anyone else experiencing this?

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