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Who will be the lucky basil patron? Hey y'all. This is really simple/straight forward. Suggest me which of your characters you want me to portray AND.. another character (non-maple) that you want to be fused with your mapler~! The lucky winner will be 'announced' when it's posted as a screen on Basil! TLDR: 1)Mention ign of your maple character to draw 2)Name a character (non-maple) to fuse/go with your mapler. 3) GOOD LUCK. I'll be picking the most interesting combination. ;) EDIT: THE WINNER~

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Funny Story (Not mine, found it on some Tumblr post about a kid sleeping in class) Enjoy~ quick story once my English teacher had a slightly off and very religious borderline radical Christian student that fell asleep during class once, and there was one atheist girl in the class so when he fell asleep, all the students except the atheist left their backpacks and jackets on their chairs and left the room and the kid woke up and started to panic, looked over and saw the atheist girl reading a book, still in the classroom she turned the page, returned his glance, and said "Hey." and the kid freaked the ___ out because he sincerely thought he missed the rapture

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Funny Dmv experience I finally decided get my learner's permit. The thing is, it's known to be absurdly crowded and the wait time is very very long, but it was processed quickly! Ended up getting a 19/20 on the written exam! (:D) The funny thing was after getting my application form, this Chinese lady tried to ask for help in Chinese (I'm not Chinese, nor do I understand any of it). I proceed to help her with her form since she didn't understand what certain items/sections were implying/asking for. In the end, it turns out that she didn't even bring her social security card..! -end

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