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maplestory x2 schedule so guys on the website it says thers no x2 today but sum people on maple are like idk if it is is x2 EXP RIGHT NOW in GMS? o.o thanks

0 March 25, 2012

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ik i cheked but my friend was getting 40k exp at croockies, and my other friend was getting 7 exp from mushrooms..., and im in a shop so i dont wanna leave unless its x2
Reply March 25, 2012
Why does no one realize Maple has an official website?
Reply March 25, 2012

if the website says there is none, there probably is none. if u can, try killing something and check if the exp is double/not what it was before.

Reply March 25, 2012
If its not on the website, then theres no 2x. Why not test if its 2x by killing a random monster?
Reply March 25, 2012
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