Bed Head Coupon

So I was browsing the FM when I came by this "Bed Head Coupon (M)" in someone's shop. It said that if you double click it you get the bed head hairstyle, and I was just wondering how you get these coupons, and if there are coupons for other hair and face styles.

October 10, 2012

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The only other coupons out right now that I know of other than the Lively Wave and Bedhead, are the Pretty Girl Hair Coupon and Evan Hair Coupon.

Reply October 11, 2012

I just got the Lively Wave Coupon for 750mil and am so happy I could get Lively Wave again!

Reply October 11, 2012

[quote=sparkshooter]They shouldn't be even more than 1b.[/quote]

even 1b is pushing it.

Reply October 10, 2012

They shouldn't be even more than 1b.

Reply October 10, 2012

Woah that's really cool! I never thought these would actually exist. I didnt think a lot of things would ever exist, and Nexon proved me wrong over and over again..

Reply October 10, 2012

Woah these coupons exist now? That's pretty neat!
But totally not worth 2 bil, what the heck? </3

Reply October 10, 2012

Oh so you can actually get something good from that? To bad there's no more royal hair guess that meI can't get the look of evil either

Edit: @above it was 2b, kind of a rip unless you have incredibly bad luck or just can't wait for royal to come back

Reply October 10, 2012 - edited

I think there's lively waved for females. I don't think there are any face coupons, though.

Reply October 10, 2012 - edited

There is also Evan hair (M); I think they removed them from royal hair

Reply October 10, 2012 - edited

Yes is it from the teapot! I got the female one earlier ^^

Reply October 10, 2012 - edited

I think its from the magic teapot event thing.

Reply October 10, 2012 - edited