General Quests

Scholarly Mushroom Quest I'm not able to do the Scholarly Mushroom Quest that unlocked on May 13th. I've already finished the previous quests; - Why do Orange Mushrooms jump? - Why do Axe Stumps have their axes? - Which of the three Horntail's heads is the wisest? But I am unable to continue onto the next quests; :3 - Why do Yetis carry Pepes? - Why do Water Thief Monsters steal water? - How did Three Snails become an Explorer skill? :( I've asked others already and they told me it's probably because I have one in progress already but I've completed it fully and I have no other quests that involves Scholarly Mushoom in progress. When I click on Scholarly Mushroom the only quests I'm able to do is the Daily one for Black Mushroom Gang. Is an