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What do you do for fun in Mgs5? I've gotten so far to the point where I can mess around with little consequence (exept killing friendlies) What do you guys do for fun (hence title) in game? I'll tell you a few things I do: 1. Waifu Box usage (only used very few times, was worth guard reactions ) 2. Try to capture outposts non lethal with bad clothes/ lethal weapons equipped during the day 3. Spam the semi auto tranq weapons with infinite bandanna equipped. 4. Go to mother base, throw decoys at comrades and knock them down. 5. Mess around with attachments. (75 round suppressed SVD with custom stock and scope) 6. Support other randoms on FOB invasions so I don't get retaliated directly. 7. Steal vehicles on certain missions for farming reason

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