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Anyone from 2006-2010?

I have great memories of posting on this forum during that period of time (despite being horrible to nearly everyone)! Just wondering if anyone still checks this.

0 September 24, 2020



good times...

Reply October 10, 2020

almost a decade ago wow

Reply October 10, 2020

i 'member laid and ninjagaru

Reply October 9, 2020

We all moved on with our lives.

Reply October 6, 2020

I am from the original beta, 2006 crew. Played until around 2012, from there I've been on and off at least once a year. It has not been close to 1 year and a half since Ive hopped on MS, might get into it for nostalgia.

Reply October 3, 2020

@divine619: I loved your work.
You were one of the best artists here!

Reply October 2, 2020

Good ol days. I don't know why I keep this website bookmarked still tbh

Reply October 1, 2020

Yea I used to post my crappy drawings lol

Reply October 1, 2020

@aznseal: Yeah sure is lol. Just lurking around periodically reliving the glory days. What's up with you??

Reply September 28, 2020 - edited

andrew is that you

Reply September 28, 2020 - edited

Been here since October 2005

Reply September 26, 2020 - edited

I think I was here up until 2008?

Reply September 26, 2020 - edited

No I was mostly 2011-2014 lol it was still good back then

Reply September 25, 2020 - edited