Scania CWKPQ


I'm bored and want the nostalgia of CWKPQ with people.
Of course I don't want to 1HKO the boss... the rules that have been set are:
1. Take off all equips except your weapon and secondary.
2. Only use 1st to 3rd job skills.
3. Pet Loot off.

I'm looking to CWKPQ today around 8 EST. Leave your IGNs down below!
If this is fun, i'll most likely be up for more runs.

December 14, 2015

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Iv'e been running cwkpq for a while but havent recently since someone said gun wasn't dropping from pirate room and no sense in wasting time if its not confirmed to be fixed. btw da kaiser and zero do not count as warriors however zero is able to enter the warriors room. Phantom and xenon sometimes count screwy for entry but most classes work. not sure about beast tamer.

Reply December 15, 2015

message Shocker about doing cwkpq runs

Reply December 15, 2015

ill come. screw midterms ign Seville

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take off all equips... nobody got space for dat

Reply December 15, 2015 - edited

probably still 1hit with just weapon and secondary....

Reply December 14, 2015 - edited

you can literally have this if you go to reboot

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