What have you achieve on your Hayato today? Version 2

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Welcome to [b]"What have you achieved on your Hayato today? (Version 2)"[/b] thread. This achievement thread will be different to all the other generic one. [b]I will be constantly updating it with community highlights, FAQ's etc.[/b]

We have received lots of screenshots and to prevent the thread from becoming too long, only more recent screenshots are shown here. All other screenshots will be shown here for your viewing pleasure. Please [b]"Like"[/b] the page. Thanks.

[b]What have you achieved?[/b]
What have you people achieved on your Hayato thus far? Please send videos of you playing your Hayato or even screenshots if possible.

[url=]It's finally happening![/url]

[b]Community Highlights[/b]
@kidd978: []Leveled their Hayato from 112 to 142 and finally got to equip my 140 equips[/url] Also the lucky person to get the Lv. 150 Katana from Hot Time
@Akaizer: [url=]Ranked 2nd in exp gain for the day[/url]
@kaitoudark: Gained the Von Leon Katana =D
@Optics: Hit 93k range self buffed at lvl 158 ^_^
@sufian: got to 145. can wear my VIP necklace now. 42k self buffed range
@foreever: Hit 170 and landed a 10% slate on the fail hammer slot of my katana.
@alonsorock: Finally got to 150 Used an AEE on my Katana and now it is 170 att, I'm so happy (: My range is like 28k-32k buffed
@danboy137:almost have full amerterasu set for hayato (because my inner nerd/ocd demanded i get that wep/set) just need the shoes. edit: i do now have full set and i am loving it i just need to scroll it QQ
@spasticdude: [url=]Level 200 hayato[/url]
@Mancartia: [url=]Hit level 200[/url]
@Fighterdoken: [b]IT'S ME[/b] Made a 247 Att Katana to transposition into Sweet Water, Made a 56 Att Beryl Heart, Made a 14 Att 12% Str Mask, Made a 16 Att 19% Str Cape, Gacha'd a LGR with one ticket, and finally, 138k Clean, 188k buffed
@oReimu: Got to level 210
@Thee1ne: Cubed a few equips till I got close to 400k clean... Started out 269k clean now 394k clean. Legendary Kodachi cubed to 65% bossing
@deeemon: Got to level 186 (3/13/2014). How come no one posting here anymore? [b]We're still alive Derek[/b]
@pokeystick1: Nickuuuuuu and his lv 211 hayato gaining an additional 33%
@honasty: Leveled to 200
@deadwalker15: cleared hard magnus solo 12.25.14(CaughtByLove as witness)
@djho57: Reached lv 200 after 6 years of maple
@pokeystick1: [url=]220 the dream![/url]
@architect3sm: Today my Hayato became my first level 200 character after nine years of playing
@chickensoul: Hit 211 recently and cleared Chaos Queen yesterday [b]GJ Craig[/b]
@repentant: Cleared ranked Dojo for the first time and (somehow) got the gloves. Got a time of 29 minutes, so I feel out of place on the scoreboards.
@deeemon: Got to level 204. I also found an Alien Earring with 7% STR, now all I need is the Necklace.
@realesttaboo: Just leveled to 207, got my range to 940k clean
@chickensoul: [url=][/url] [b] BIG NEWS! THE FIRST HAYATO CVEL SOLO[/b]
@repentant: [url=] Reached level 210[/url]
@muffinsinc: [Reboot] Hit Lv.205
@chickensoul: Finally got to level 220
@repentant: Hit the 50mil damage cap for the first time in Maple using Summer Rain, Leveled to 212
@realesttaboo: Just self scrolled and starred my Raven Ring to 349 att with Leg Pot clean range is now 1.7m, Cubed my bpot on my wep now my range is clean 1.97m one more boost should put me at 2m clean top range.
@deeemon: Got Hayatoginner to 151, abused burning event thing
@deeemon: Decided to get 1 more level on Hayatoginner so I could steal rank 8 spot. 8 is sort of a special number to me.
@repentant: Got to level 213. I think this is my first level-up in 6 months. Got knocked out of top 50, now I need to work my way back up. I have a lot of catching up to do.
@Fighterdoken: Leveled to 216 after a year of henehoing

[b]General Screenshots[/b]
@Synth: [url='1.jpg]Achieving Level 180 on his Hayato thus far[/url]
@Optics: [url=]Showing off his new range and another lucky person to get the Level 150 Katana[/url]
@ShiKage08: [url=]Showing his Empress Katana(JMS version)[/url]
@vMinn: [url=]Did the quest to get Hero's Gladius[/url]
@JetlagJag: [url=]Level 150 Katana[/url]
@spasticdude: [url=]Showing his Empress Katana[/URL]
@Brianfofian: [url=] Leveled to 100[/url]
@Optics: [url=]Hitting cap damage[/url]
@Aiacu: [url=]Showing his godly potential[/url]
@Aiacu: [url=]Level 200[/url]
@kunannnn: [url=]Got to level 200[/url]
@pokeystick1: [url=]Nick hitting level 200[/url]
@tecul1: []regeared his hayato in anticipation for hypers[/url]
@iVinny: [url=]Showing off his new katana[/url]
@DjRevy: [url=]Showing off his pro RA gear[/url]
@pokeystick1: [url=]Nick showing off his two Kodachis[/url]
@deeemon: [url=]Derek finally hits lv 200[/url]
@Balamaka: [url=]Chris gets a Princess No secondary[/url]
@chickensoul: [url=]Hard Mag solo[/url]

[b]Damage Range Screenshots[/b]
@kidd978: [url=] - Level 142 with 65k range with pots and buffs[/url]
@MapleBhav: [url=] - Level 166 with 82k range clean[/url]
@tecul1: [url=] - Level 167 with 72k range self buff and decent skills[/url]
@Optics: [url=] - Level 168 with 178k range Attack potions and self buffs[/url]
@Apple1337: [url=] - Level 171 with 47k range clean[/url]
@Akaizer: [url=] - Level 210 with 263k range[/url]
@Akaizer: [url=] - Level 211 with 315k range inner abilities[/url]
@deeemon: [url=] - Derek and his nub range 37.9k to 60.3k[/url] [b]Don't worry, I'm updating all the sections[/b]
@Visuke: [url=]Peter showing off his 1m Range[/url]
@Visuke: [url=]Peter makes it to 2m-2m no clown clean[/url]
@jawnlee: [url=] 1m buffed to 1.9m buffed[/url]
@pokeystick1: [url=]Nick in the 2m-2m club[/url]
@mcjibbens: [url=]FINALLY HIT A MIL CLEAN[/url]

@xannyxan: [url=]Level 142 Hayato vs Papulatus[/url]
@Akaizer: [url=]Hayato bosses run[/url]
@deeemon: [url=]Derek vs Hilla[/url]
@Midget: [url=]Hayatoginner vs Zakum[/url]
@chickensoul: [url=]I came back from the dead to kill revamped Chaos Zakum[/url]
@repentant: [url=]DAT HAYATO CONTROL THO[/url]

June 28, 2016

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@fighterdoken: Do it! I dumped my Boss Arena emblem first chance I got :V


Perfected my Gollux pendant, passed a CSS on my earrings and got Unique on my emblem. Now 700k range buffed.

3% away from level 215.

Reply October 26, 2016 - edited

Wow, I already got this:
Frig it, I'll just keep it like that, dood.

Reply October 20, 2016 - edited

@repentant: cant decide if i want to cube a new one or not, then again mine was only uni/uni 10% att 6% str

Reply October 20, 2016 - edited

Thanks again, Steven!



Reply October 19, 2016 - edited

I finally got a better secondary after, I dunno, 2 years?
I used those cubes from the MMF fireworks quest, I didn't even know about the rewards until the 2nd week because nexon went full dumbtarded on the patch notes(hopefully they read this too, dood). It gave a Master Craftsman's Cube Coupon that gave 5 cubes, and it was possible to do the quest again on a different character on the same server. I could've gotten like 80 cubes every weekend if I knew about it. Oh well, dood.
It was also my first character to have a unique primary and secondary weapon(I throw all my monies at Nintendo). Maybe I'll try for the emblem too.

Reply October 18, 2016 - edited

@repentant: Thanks a bunch. I'll be on the lookout for those IA lines as I roll!

An emblem and 5th job in the works! It almost sounds like these two will arrive GMS in one patch if we're lucky.
Until then, I'll be gearing and leveling up.

Reply September 29, 2016 - edited

@mononoke: Hello and welcome

Out of all the IA lines, 20% boss damage will give you the best increase in damage. 50% buff duration is also nice to keep if you land on that, and +1 ATT speed isn't bad if you mostly use Sanrenzan while training.

For some reason "+1 monsters hit with mobbing skills" also applies to Shinsoku. I don't have this line anymore so I can't confirm if that still holds true today, but assuming Nexon hasn't fixed it yet, it's great for those floors in Dojo where you have to fight two bosses at once.


According to this thread, a 5th job is in the works for Hayato. Even though nothing's been designed yet, I'm more excited now that we have confirmation Nexon hasn't forgotten us.

Reply September 29, 2016 - edited

Um, hi guys. New hayato player here.

Today, I got my IA from rare to legendary. Oddly, it was very easy. Took about 10 minutes. I had a bunch of points left over.
I'm not sure what IA lines I should aim for on a Hayato. Some input would be nice.

I'm also sluggishly working my way towards level 150.

Reply September 29, 2016 - edited

Hayato and Kanna are finally getting their own emblems!

Reply September 25, 2016 - edited

September 22nd: Haven't really played this game in quite a while.
The last time my Hayato gained a level was actually 2 months ago.
Anyways, gained two levels while participating in most of the current events and working on a few quests.

Reply September 22, 2016 - edited

@helpingly: Thank you!

Got to 214. A few days ago I discovered I had the damage for Deck 1 so I started training there. The EXP is fantastic, can't wait to see how much I earn during 2x. Though I heard this map gets crowded even on low-populated servers, I hope I can find a spot this weekend.

@fighterdoken do you remember this

Reply September 20, 2016 - edited

Thanks @helpingly , dood.

Finally got to 210 some days ago, dood.
edit: I forgot I took this screenshot:
That was actually my first time training there, at level 209. It was kinda fun, dood. Damn elite mobs are annoying as frig.

Reply September 20, 2016 - edited


Reply September 20, 2016 - edited

meanwhile servers are still poop and I don't want to play my hayato >

Reply August 23, 2016 - edited

Good, now i can keep my rank 2 whenever alan dojos haha.

Reply August 19, 2016 - edited

yah hes good people. you guys wont see me on dojo ranks for a bit. i switched back to my kaiser for the moment while i finish gear for the hayato.

Reply August 19, 2016 - edited

I love Allen! He lets me have top 3 whenever he sees me on dojo. Coolest brother-in-law ever!

Reply August 17, 2016 - edited

Haha i think theres only us 3 on top 3 rn everyone else is pretty far off. Im the weaker one out of you guys. You got about 5k str on me.

Reply August 17, 2016 - edited

That's Allen. I've known him for years. He's got 3k less str than I do. But he has my old katana and secondary. He's got like 300% boss compared to my 200. He also has 6x%atk. If I had a good katana and secondary, it would be a different story.

Reply August 17, 2016 - edited

@hattysoopro: Im sure you can beat ark in dojo how come you stop at 29? I think you can beat that raging guy in dojo lol

Reply August 15, 2016 - edited

I know. I havent played this toon in like 2 years. Just switched gear over from my kaiser. Making a katana now. Its currently just unique crap stat. Gonna 15% it with fever this weekend.

Reply August 11, 2016 - edited

@hattysoopro: you would have been 2-2m long time ago if you had a proper katana

Reply August 10, 2016 - edited

getting close to the 2-2m clean. Still using this bullish katana as you can see.

Reply August 10, 2016 - edited

@repentant: No problem!

Quasar haved ascended to level 205!

Reply August 10, 2016 - edited

@hattysoopro: For the time being yeah, at least until Kishin is fully fixed. Grinding was the only thing I did on my Bera Hayato, and it's not as fun without Kishin. :I

Reply August 8, 2016 - edited

Got a pair of HQ Dimension Gloves on my Reboot Hayato. Thanks @quasar for helping me!

Reply August 7, 2016 - edited

Just came back to my hayato after about 2 years. Went from ranked 22nd down to ranked 48th. D: at 1.9~2m clean with a clean katana and a unique secondary. Gonna transfer my outlaw sometime this week. sooooo yah B> godly or leg katana in Bera. Hit me up. IGN Ardyori

Reply August 5, 2016 - edited

L>Hayato DMG skin to not be cut off

Reply August 1, 2016 - edited

with double miracle time, i got my commerci wep from epic to leg 9%atk 12% crit and im almost level 170!

Reply July 24, 2016 - edited

2m-2m clean

Reply July 23, 2016 - edited

@deeemon: I'd have 84%. If Shimada Heart's visual bug doesn't get fixed (the one where the bonus only applies to max range), imagine how much more ridiculous our ranges would look.

@helpingly: Hello! We're a small but friendly bunch. You're always welcome here


Added Magnus to my Monster Collection and got 70% Boss & 12% M.ATK on my Kodachi. Was aiming for %ATK, but ah... I can't be too picky with Reward Point cubes. Maybe I'll have better luck with my Katana.

Reply July 23, 2016 - edited

Not a hayato, but this place is pretty cool :o


Reply July 22, 2016 - edited

I heard Hard Magnus had DoT outside of the blue barrier now, so I went to try it. For other classes, the difficulty's probably increased some, but thanks to Warrior's Heart, I feel it's about the same as before. I'll probably want to try a no death for it when I'm not lagging as much.

@deeemon: If the increased defense cap worked with Shimada Heart, I'd be getting around 320%. It would certainly make weapon defense% a little bit less useless.

Reply July 22, 2016 - edited

Got to 209. Frig, now I have to get to 210 somehow, dood. I guess if I did it once, I can do it again with my slow ass.
And did anyone else read that the defense cap raised to 99,999 in kMS? What does this mean for Shimada Heart? A possible 499% damage?
What would be your Shimada Heart's damage % with this new cap? Mine would be 61%.

Reply July 16, 2016 - edited

@Repentant: I made 12b an hour, so it only took me 3 hours to level without ksers

Reply July 10, 2016 - edited

@fighterdoken: Whoa, grats You level up fast. How much EXP per hour do you get?


Went from 12% to 40% EXP, got level 90 Charm and passed 5 EEs on my Nova boots. Also made a video of my Hayato soloing Pink Bean:

Reply July 10, 2016 - edited

reached level 217

Reply July 10, 2016 - edited

@frostlife: Ooh, Add me on Silversworn My play times are irregular but I would love more Hayato friends.

@chickensoul: Thanks a lot! Now to see if I can convince my guild to try CZak again.


Found 3 cubes from bossing today and got 30% DEF ignore on my emblem.

Reply July 7, 2016 - edited

@repentant: Congrats on your video getting highlighted!

As for Chaos Zakum, the Resistance links aren't necessary, but they help. If you don't have it, the best time to revive is right after he finishes slapping the ground. He'll do a set of 3 or 4 slaps, then he'll pause before the next continuous set, which is your opening to revive.

Reply July 5, 2016 - edited

Hayato from bera need to do a meet up :]

Reply July 5, 2016 - edited

@fighterdoken: Oh my gosh, I'm really flattered Yay for Hayatos!

And yay for the second page. Grats to both of you on your level ups!

Passed an epot on my belt. Also went to Chaos Zakum with a bunch of guildies and we all lost our lives in the first 2 minutes. Is this boss possible without the Resistance link skill? I'm not sure how else we're supposed to survive that big lag spike at the beginning and respawn safely afterwards. Doesn't help that I lag a lot :I

Didn't get much done on Maple, but it was still a fun day.

Reply July 5, 2016 - edited

Leveled to 216 after a year of hoing around

Reply July 5, 2016 - edited

Reached level 152

Reply July 5, 2016 - edited

@repentant: achievements and video added DAT CONTROL THO

Reply July 3, 2016 - edited

I'm hoping Hayato's 5th job cores will make our skills faster as well. I miss the delay of pre-revamp Sanrenzan.

@deeemon: That would look awesome. We'd also be the first class in Maple to dual wield 2H weapons (...I think)


Got to level 213. I think this is my first level-up in 6 months. Got knocked out of top 50, now I need to work my way back up. I have a lot of catching up to do.

EDIT: Made a video of my Hayato training at Skyline 2.

Reply July 3, 2016 - edited

Decided to get 1 more level on Hayatoginner so I could steal rank 8 spot. 8 is sort of a special number to me.

I really want to dual wield katanas like in Fire Emblem Fates:
It would be a buff that's similar to shadow partner, something that clones our katana, doubling the stats of the katana and our number of attacks.
We should also get a variety of different stance poses to choose from, just for looks/appearance.

Reply July 3, 2016 - edited

@realesttaboo: all im hoping for is that our sanranzen in 5th job has better %, i hate doing such low dmg for a main attack skill. and its like, i thought we were supposed to be legendary samurais... so why do i not attack quick and deadly L>Shadow Clone. I would hope it would be like night walkers

Reply July 2, 2016 - edited

I would definitely appreciate a Shadow clone to go with Hayato and some type of buff that increases our pdr to like 100% even if it had a cool down.

Reply July 2, 2016 - edited
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