Night Lord/Shadower/Dual Blade/Phantom

Hello everyone! I have Nightlord level 111 and I am a F2P player, I need help choosing should I stay Night Lord and it will get stronger? or Shadower base damage is better? Dual Blade I actually love them played it before but seems like a really expensive class, or should I make Phantom I like him too, so what should I do? remember I Don't have that much mesos but I am crafting selling stuff in order to get more

January 29, 2020

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Get all of them to 200 and decide from there. If you like Dual Blade and Phantom, pick one, or even both. It's okay to have more than 1 main. 2, 4, 10, 36, you can main as many classes as you want. You can manage as long as you get equips for them that's within your funding.

Or you can be weird and just play Phantom with Night Lord, Shadower, and Dual Blade stolen skills. Of course Shadow Partner is too overpowered for some reason.

Reply January 29, 2020