Basil's Generic Comments: If you're looking for an answer on any topic that has been discussed previously. The basil answer is here!! Class related: Play what you liek p/c related: I dont know but can you p/c my item IGN Related: Soggybread Unscheduled Maintenance: nexin are as competent as monkeys Return to Maplestory?: Maplestory is dying GG get Rekt Should I buy NX? Maplestory is dying GG get Rekt What server should i go in?: Bera dupes There is a hack going around: Probably came from Bera, bera dupes How do i get range?: buy equips "Insert troll thread here": Serious answers will be provided Do you think nexon will...: No. Nexin bad How to make mesos: Kill Monsters when's miracle time/CS transfer: press refresh on homepage unt

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