End Game Bishop Queries

So i just started to play my bishop again recently i have a few questions on some areas.
How much damage per line would i need to do with AR to kill the gem on Gollux?
Is it more optimal to have boss % then % M.atk. ie. Would it be better to have 100% m.atk & 200% boss or 80% M.atk and 250% boss?

October 21, 2015

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Reply October 23, 2015

Isn't end game bishop just max hs? Jkjkjk

Reply October 22, 2015

thanks for the update. right now i dont have any boss lines just m.atk & pdr. Guess ill try to fix up my shields pot again. I am also guessing 88%+ would be a good/decent pdr standpoint.

Reply October 21, 2015

You could pull it off doing 25-30 mills per line though it'll require some practice (Hellux). If you feel iffy you can always exit before jewel phase and grab a powerup rune outside or use guild noblesse skills.

Also note that since Mihile is glitched right now, you'll have to work with Holy Magic Shell/Infinity stance to avoid shockwave KB.

As for the other question, Bishops don't get a lot of %TD/%Boss from skills so it would be optimal to get a few more boss lines.

It always varies for people but you can always find out what pot lines would be more beneficial to you by calculating your damage multiplier and compare the differences (1 + %TD + % Boss) * (1 + %ATT)
(% Att is multiplicative with %boss + %TD)

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For Hellux, maybe 30m per line for the gem w/out infinity should be able to do it? I'm not sure though siince I've never done a solo before... so... yea... @akatsukidark and @natty2 can probably better help you out with this.

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