Range for soloing End Game Bosses

What do you think the bare minimum range (self Buffed) your class would require to solo end game bosses such as Hellux/Cvell. Assuming you have 250% boss & 90% pdr.
Just want to see the comparison of classes
I can start off,
Blaze Wizard:
Att%: 70%
Range: 1.6-1.7m Clean

September 2, 2015

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1.5m range on evan or so (or whenever you can do 40m lines) should give you a comfortable solo without massive clowning

Reply September 2, 2015

idk but 20m lines on a cann and u can do cvel

Reply September 2, 2015

Kaiser here. Almost 300% boss, 84% pdr 3.5-3.9m range and i can solo upto hellux/magnus. Havent bothered trying lotus

Reply September 2, 2015