Bye Bye Artasi HF

Bye Bye GL HF :

December 4, 2015

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@imwanda if you ever get a job in this industry or any industry it is what you do. Regardless of the audience as a community manager or Point of contact you ALWAYS have an announcement like this. And it is definitely professional. Try to get a career in the industry before you start Dissing.

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Maybe they'll bring in someone competent...

Reply December 4, 2015

Why does everyone at Nexon feel the need to write this sappy ass letter whenever they leave? Just get out, it's not worth it. Why do they seek validation from 15 year olds who don't even care whether one person quits and another joins? It was the same with Hime, the little Hime fanboys crying when she left. I don't get it, these people aren't relevant enough to owe me an explanation, and they're sure as hell not relevant enough for me to miss them after their departure. The whole "I'm moving on, and I hope you all enjoy your time, I will miss it" is bullsh[t. You don't quit jobs because you like them and will miss them, you quit jobs because you find better opportunities, or hate the job. But here we go, we have a ton of people wanking on this thread using their tears as lube. No one cares about your career investments and changes, no one cares. It just seems so unprofessional to write a letter to a player base whose demographic is primarily teenagers. It's creepy if you ask me.

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LF> Hime to come back.
But in all seriousness, artasi was pretty bad. Glad to see him go.

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@endurance 1) we've had plenty of CMs leave before
2) the game already is going downhill

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Means to an end! Link doesn't show the exact thread?

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Well, this was unexpected. I hope he left enough of an impact to keep Nexon from trying to bleed our wallets dry.

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Thats not good.. I remember when [GM]Doge left La Tale and ever since she left, the game has went completely downhill.. maybe the same will happen to maple? idk

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what did we do to deserve this pls

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Its good that he left he hated Southperry so hard.

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@wall Apply pls. im sure nexin like you

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