Double angel ray?

So one year ago there was this bishop.
He was like over lvl 150 and had his hyperskill.
And did you know what happened when he used the toggle hyper skill, he shot out angle from both sides.

I don't know how he did it.
Could it been his attack speed or a hack .

Could someone tell me if its possible to do this with enough attack speed?

November 27, 2016

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AR never did, and probably never will shoot from both sides.
I did know a guy who had an amazing ping, and also cap attack speed, and he could attack really fast, and switch sides really fast, so this may be it (tho it was the OLD AR).
No longer possible, even if you're connected to the main servers with a cable.

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Not possible to shoot two out at the same time from both sides. The hyper just increase the # of hits AR does and allows it to target onto an enemy. Perhaps it was the bending and aiming onto an enemy that made you think they were shooting AR out from both sides at the same time? There have been a few odd times where an enemy would be slightly behind me and AR with the hyper on would shoot backwards-ish.

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We Bishops have a Hyper Skill that puts us into a bossing mode where we cannot heal and can only use certain skills but get attack benefits. One of which when Angel Ray is used it's hit count is doubled. So useful but risky and situational Hyper skill.

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