Which class to make with the resistance revamp?

Since the resistance revamp is coming in a couple of weeks, which should I make? The battlemage stacking aura seems awesome, so does the mechanic's unlimited seige mode. Which should i make? Which is better and won't get me bored?

March 1, 2012

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[quote=boredum1029]@WayofPaladin: person says they troll and then give a suggestion hm... YEAH![/quote]

ima good troll

Reply March 1, 2012

i have a lvl 104 mech so i'll just continue that

Reply March 1, 2012

[quote=boredum1029]Mechs infinite seige mode FTW! To bad i quit [/quote]

Lol sameeee I just come on basil to troll! High five.

OT: lol IF I was playing I'd love to try mechanics. They weren't really appealing to me in the beginning but before I quit I've wanted to give it a try.

Reply March 1, 2012

Battle Mage, seriously. You won't regret it.

Reply March 1, 2012