How to 100% crit on Shade?

I'm willing to start funding my level 200 shade and everything, but how do i get 100% crit? Already have lvl 2 phantom link and currently I'm at 30%. Is there any other way to improve critical chance? Besides cubing equips cause I am not doing that. Thanks!

May 12, 2015

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Lets review optimal ways to increase critical rate % on Shade. All classes have a base critical of 5% excluding link skills.
10% Lv 198 Hyper Stat boost
15% Lv 2 phantom link skill
7% Lv 2 beast tamer link skill
3% Lv 100 marksman character card
15% Grand/Pivotal Adventure Ring from past events
10% Decent SE
30% Critical Rate Legendary Inner Ability (This is very rare, but still not as rare as Attack Speed + lol)
12% Can be obtained from a Magnificent Magnus/Empress boss soul(Highest Tier for bonus stats, you can get 8% critical rate from magnificent Ark/PB)
^CHANCE BASED so you need to be lucky!(Magnificent souls randomly pick from: att %, m.att%, boss damage %, ignore DEF %, +HP, +1/2 all skill levels, all stat %, and finally, critical rate %)
Total: up to 102% (This total can be higher if people are willing to level their beast tamer and phantom to level 210. Also leveling Marksman to Lv 200 provides 1% more critical rate haha)
So now you just have to fill out the above list one by one to eventually get 100% critical rate.
Note that you'll be sacrificing your inner ability to strictly critical rate though, (I have not seen someone with BOTH +1 attack speed and 30% critical rate inner ability)
Also the critical ring does not have potential, but it has +5% minimum critical damage which is still useful.
Getting a % critical rate bonus potential from a Magnificent Magnus/Empress Soul is pure luck. Good luck.
You can also cube the regular potential/bonus potential of your weapon/secondary/emblem for critical rate %, but it's preferable if you prioritize % Attack and % Ignore DEF first.
(Everyone can get a lot of Boss damage from Nebs, passives, set effects, link skills, etc)

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Not necessarily. You can get a % crit line with a magnificent soul

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As an angelic buster it's really difficult for us to get 100% crit, too...I pulled it off by doing marksman card, phantom lvl 120 link, lvl 200 hyper skill, 30% crit inner ability and 12% crit bonus pot on my emblem.

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Here are good sources of %critical rate:
Marksman lvl 100+ Card = 3%
Beast tamer lvl 2 link: 7%
Decent Sharp eyes: 10%
Grand adventure ring from resistance event: 15%
Unique inner ability critical rate line: 15%
Legendary inner ability critical rate line: 30%

The only way to acheive 100% crit is to cube at least 1 item. Or else you'rll be left at around 80-90% even with all the possible sources of critical rate.
Hope I helped!

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