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Why I hate Ariana Grande Hello, Mr. B has scooped me up off the streets as your new hate-a-spondent. I got a job now, I pay taxes, ha ha ha. I am here to talk about Ariana Grande. She is currently everyone's favorite demon child and I personally like to share with you my top 7 reasons why I hate this chick. 1. She can't dance, despite her thinking she can. If you haven't seen her dance, you ain't missing much. She literally kills the same dance routine in every performance she does. And it's nothing complicated neither. It's nothing I can't teach myself in the comfort of my sewing closet. All she does is flip her hair like Jaden Smith. If Jaden can do it, so can you! 2. Apparently, Grande will only take a photo from the left side, more spec

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Dont you just love it when your professor respond in the best way possible. So i had a lab final today and i wanted him to clarify a question about measuring the performance of an element. He responds: what measurements can you take to measure the performance. I was like uhhh that doesn't answer my question. Obviously I wasn't gonna be rude but like what da hell? Yo response is useless to me professor. Not only that, but then I asked him if he can give me another name for a circuit, and he told me that it's the name that was used in the lab manual. I ofc said I don't recall reading that name. So after the final, I looked in the lab manual and they called it another name -_- Finally, you know how your professor tell you when your final is go

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Was I wrong? So at school today my friend showed me a video of her doing the "cereal challenge". I guess you full a bathtub with milk and add your favorite cereal, which was fruit loops in her case. After i saw the video i was like; qurl... really? Your man comes home after a long , hard day and work expecting to get some and he sees you freaking Tucan-samming it in the bathtub...qurl, he is not satisfied. It's like watching a live stream of hungry hungry hippos * chomp * *chomp* *chomp* apparently, she got super pissed, punched me and left. Idk what I should do basil?

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