Starting back up again

Hello Maplers,

This is another "should I come back" thread,
Just wondering if it would be good to come back to Maple, want to merch and just chill on Maple, most likely in Scania.
The thing is, I see less and less people play each day, and I'm not sure it's even worth bothering.

Convince me please!

September 28, 2014

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well it would be most fun to come back and be strong ^^ so that's the plan if I were. Of course people have different meanings of having fun but being the strongest and being able to solo every boss would be my goal but not sure if that's worth achieving at this point.

Reply September 29, 2014

you have no right to make that claim, accept your fate kid

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[quote=OhGodWhy]I forgive you for being an idiotic and ill-informed prick.[/quote]

why would you be so rude?
got news for ya bud, the truth hurts

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you'll have less fun playing the game how it's meant to be played </3
but feel free to talk and hang out and have fun and be social and not spend thousands of $$ and you'll have a blast

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if your not obsessed with dmg and just wanna chill the game is fine but if you want to be godly and boss etc. expect to be a p2w player

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forgive @OhGodWhy for being so close minded

If you want to chill and merch, that aspect hasn't changed about the game, and we'd welcome you back.
It is true, that nexon is trying less and less with events and such, and the training aspect is a bore, but theres still a whole game out there that people ignore.
So it's up to you, what do you expect out of maple?
On another note, the population in scania is still very steady, the community isn't the greatest, but there are plenty of other players

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yea i came back as well recently, but i also think that there are fewer people playing than before, fm is empty. it seems as if nex0n continues to make their money through few individuals spending thousands of dollars getting the best gear.

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