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Completion of the Leafre Codex set RgtDragon Rider

*edit* thanks to Orochi and Cast, I got this completed. I'll leave it open in case other people need help with it. Feel free to buddy my evan.

As this thread title implies, I'm looking for others who are either looking to finish up the Leafre Codex set as well or people who would be willing to help out in Bera. I've never done this PQ myself so I'll need some guidance on what to do. Please feel free to add/message my evan in game l4d2jpn. I should be around for another hour, after that I'll be back on Sat/Sun.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. (I believe I have the soaring skill, I was able to activate it and fly around in the DRPQ lobby map).

0 January 2, 2015

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I'd tag along too, but I need to transfer equips over to my old main I'm returning to.

Reply January 2, 2015

ahh fun pq used to do this to level up instead of going to LHC/LKC

Reply January 2, 2015

Alright, I'll add you two.

Reply January 2, 2015

I can help too! Though I also have never done it

Reply January 2, 2015

@djho57 - Thanks I appreciate it, now just one more person.

Reply January 2, 2015

ill help you out

Reply January 2, 2015