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Reducing Cool Down

What are all the possible ways to reduce cooldown?
Would -2 CD on all 3 lines of a hat = -5 seconds? Is it possible to get 3 lines of CD?
Can bonus pot get -cool down?

October 17, 2016

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@nitsua2789: Dam so I couldn't take these five seconds off of the water war skill? (thats why I want it)

Thanks for clearing this up before i went and tried to buy/make a hat

Reply October 17, 2016 - edited

@garrettshot: No.

The text on the Merc character card simply means that the CD reduction from the card alone cannot surpass 5s, even if 5% of the skills CD is higher than 5s.

If you had -5s from the Merc card and -5s from pots in game, you'd be at -10s. But the minimum CD a skill can have is 5s, so if that -10s reduction should put you at somewhere shorter than 5s, you'll be given a 5s CD.

Example: Skill CD of 120s, Merc Card -6s (so actually -5s), Pots -5s, new Skill CD would be 110s.

Example: Skill CD of 20s, Merc Card -1s, Pots -5s, new Skill CD would be 14s.

Example: Skill CD of 8s, Merc Card not applicable, Pots -5s, new Skill CD would be 5s (because that's the minimum CD).

Reply October 17, 2016 - edited

@nitsua2789: so theoretically if i had a -5 second CD on the main pot of a hat, it would be pointless to try to use MERC card or say monster life to reduce it more because it still wouldnt go past -5 sec?

Reply October 17, 2016 - edited

There's no limit to how much you can reduce the CD, but you can't reduce a CD lower than 5s.

For example, if you had a skill with a 10s CD, and you had -6s of CD reduction, the skill would still have a CD of 5s because you can't have a shorter CD than 5s.

Bonus pot can get -CD, but only -1s rather than -2.

Getting 3 lines of -2s CD is theoretically possible but would be extremely difficult and probably cost you thousands of dollars worth of NX.

Reply October 17, 2016 - edited

i heard they don't stack like that.

Reply October 17, 2016 - edited