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Can somone explain daily RP from Monster Collection?

How does it work? Do you need to register monsters again? What are the best/easiest rows to complete? How often can you collect RP? Is it per character or per world or per account? How much daily RP can you get?

October 20, 2016

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4 boxes omfg, i have 3 : O. its a lot of work collecting o_o

Reply October 21, 2016

@funkyflame: Saying you have 4 24 hour explorations. I just stopped after I hit 300 and didn't care to unlock any more 24 hours.

Reply October 20, 2016

@twopointonefour: I think they increased the gap of it, able to go lower but also higher. May have been nerfed a bit but still definitely good. Even if they're only 150 that's 600/day for no work.

Reply October 20, 2016

For monsters collected, go for low level monsters. I recommend going on a Kanna mule to farm. hitting 300~ mobs is actually fairly easy. I recommend skipping elites, they are by far the most difficult mobs in book to register.

For daily RP, I'd recommend getting 24 hour sets. In order of difficulty to get: Ephina, Magnus, Pink Bean, Empress, Mu Gong(if you can dojo). Those 5 are the ones I have. Ephina should be really easy to get if you've done prequests and stuff. The others are just RNG luck, do bosses daily.

So with 4 slots and 24 hour explorations running, should get you about 800 RP daily which is a nice boost in my opinion. Collection underrated! Some people prefer 3/6 hour sets instead but I don't, that's up for you to decide.

Reply October 20, 2016 - edited