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For you Crylenol

@wall is that you? I saw this on my feed in FB and started cracking up

edit: i definitely tried to put this in chat...

May 31, 2016

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Yes, that's him lol
I'm pretty sure he even has a character named Sadvil.

edit: "Sadvil
Level 203 Galicia Thunder Breaker 4"

Reply May 31, 2016 - edited

@helpingly: not 100% sure, but I thought I did. Also when did you becomes a sheriff? gratz

and oh its not him? oh well

Reply May 31, 2016 - edited

Are you sure you tried to put it in chat and it just auto-changed it to this section?

Reply May 31, 2016 - edited

l know his twitter it is not this.

Reply May 31, 2016 - edited

das not him

Reply May 31, 2016 - edited