Stuck in cut scene quotFreuds Journalquot stage 2

So yeah, I was bored and started doing this quest for shaats and giggles and then I hit stage 2 with the Evan scene and boom! Stuck on the screen, I can see the ugly evan but nothing else seems to happen. Anyone else having the same issue or know a trick? Happened on my main and now I'm stuck for the weekend when there's trace event and 2exp/2xdrop. gg Nexon!

August 8, 2015

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Try deleting all the blackhaven video's in your maplestory folder and restart your maplestory ofcourse. this fixed all bugged cutscenes for me.

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Restart your computer. If using windows 8 then you need to do a full shutdown. Do this by opening command prompt and typing
shutdown /s /t 0

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Loggin in from a different PC? No I haven't. I only have one PC with me at the time being. <3

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Did you try using another computer?

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