Lv130 Training?

Does anyone have an updated training guide for Lv130+?

Used to MPE till 140 but seeing as thats changed.. anyone have a better place?
Also heard Korean Folk Town 'Moon Bunnies' were decent, but its so populated..

September 16, 2016

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Herb Town Captains and Krus
Blue Dragon Turtles in deep Leafre
Monster Park Reborn is still good EXP

Reply September 17, 2016

[*]Bains in armory at Showa town, no starforce required, with almost twice the exp from regular Bains and are usually at 100% burning field.

or you could do crimson heart quest line, the blood stirge there are as good as moonbunny

Reply September 17, 2016

Hardly any of my gears are starforced due to low funds XD so starforce maps are quite difficult to train at

Reply September 17, 2016

Bains near Zakum is pretty good, I stayed there til 140. I love hell, dood.
I think any starforce map is good.

Reply September 17, 2016